AsianLinux 2 Release Notes

Copyright (c) 2005 AsianLinux.
AsianLinux is an Indian Linux distribution which aims at promoting Linux. AsianLinux 1 has made a foundation for Desktop as well as Enterprise Linux, It has more support for Indian languages, multimedia, Developments, Security as well as Applications..

It included many applications, development tools, utilities from open source community and built an useful environment.

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Hardware Requirements:-
The following information represents the minimum hardware requirements necessary to successfully install AsianLinux 2.

CPU an Memory Requirements:-
This section lists the CPU and Memory specifications required by AsianLinux 2.
  • 500 MHz Pentium III or better.
  • 256MB Minimum RAM for graphical.
  • 512MB Recommended.
Hard Disk Space Requirements:-
This section lists the disk space required to install AsianLinux 2.
The disk space requirements listed below represent the disk space taken up by AsianLinux 2 after the installation is complete. However, additional disk space is required during the installation to support the installation environment. This additional disk space corresponds to the size of /AsianLinux/base/stage2.img (on CD-ROM 1) plus the size of the files in /var/lib/rpm on the installed system. In practical terms, this means that as little as an additional 120MB can be required for a minimal installation, the complete packages can occupy over 9 GB of disk space. Also, keep in mind that additional space will be required for any user data, and at least 5% free space should be maintained for proper system operation.
Custom Installation (Minimal): 1.5GB Server: 1.5GB Personal Desktop: 2.9GB Workstation: 3.6GB

Other installation notes:-
Default installation routine starts a graphical interface and in most cases detects vga cards correctly.In stray cases one may face problems in grphical installation or in text mode installation. In such cases try booting the installer with one of the following commands:

linux ide=nodma
linux acpi=off
If you have a keyboard or mouse problem type at boot promt
linux i8042.nomux
linux acpi=off apm=off

If you have a serial mouse installation routine may not detect your mouse at install time.However, after the installation serial mouse would be detected and configured. Default graphical installation does not allow JFS or XFS file system. However, one can implement any of these file systems simply typing your preference at installation boot prompt. At the installer promt type this for XFS:

linux xfs

For JFS filesystem type this

linux jfs

Aditional information about asianLinux can be found at http://www.asianlinux.net/aslinfo.html.Several applications, utilities, and tools have been added in this release, a some of them are following:-

Supermount which enables users to access CDROM or FLOPPY drive without having to mount or unmount.
Squid proxy with squidgard and dansguardian to filter web contents.
Shorewall firewall and snort intrusion detection system for better security.

A new USB utility is added to support Pen drive, You just need to plug Pen drive into system and an USB drive icon will appear on desktop.
LTSP 4.1 is included in AsianLinux to support Disk less Clients.
AsianLinux 2 ships with clamav and amavisd-new. Samba with Activ directory and LDAP support.
Ximian connector is included as a plugin for the Evolution mail client.This plugin allows Evolution users to access the groupware features on Exchange 2000 or 2003 server,as well as email.

Mozilla and Firefox has java runtime, macromedia-flash, and kaffeine plugins.
Eclipse IDE.
AsianLinux contains many Multimedia tools and IDE's like kaffeine, amarok, Hydrogen, Kino, Audacity, Cinepaint, monodevelop, and gambus.
Several Perl modules added to the AsianLinux 2.
Complete list of added perl modules can be found at www.asianlinux.net/pmodules.html

At the time of this release there is no 64-bit version of AsianLinux available. However, we are working on it to make it available shortly.

To the maximum extent permitted under applicable law, AsianLinux and the components are provided and licensed "as is" without warranty of any kind,expressed or implied, including the implied warranties of merchantability,non-infringement or fitness for a particular purpose. AsianLinux do not guarantee that the functions contained in the Software will meet User's requirements or that the operation of the Software will be entirely error free or appear precisely as described in the accompanying documentation.

NOTE:- AsianLinux 2 is optimized for pentium 3 cpu it may or may not work with older cpu's.


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